This wasnÕt the easiest song to write: itÕs rarely a good idea to write immediately after a life-altering experience, good or bad. But I suppose that this song was a way for me to pull something good from the ruins. ItÕs bittersweet, yes, but I like to think it leans decidely toward the sweet side, partly because of the subtle humor in the lyrics.

Another song from my first CD, this one was written at the end of April and finished on May 2, 1995.

Songs to listen to. . . .

Prairie Gold (from Some Kind of Sign)

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Somebody ElseÕs Alibi (from Just Where We Are)

You Can Get There from Here (from Just Where We Are)

DonÕt You Worry Õbout Falling (from Just Where We Are)

Sunny Side of the Street (Pogues cover; SG General Store, 11-22-2008)


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