Darkling is a fairly new undertaking of mine. In early February 2013, Marnie told me she wanted a chapbook to sell at readings by the end of April, saying she might have it printed in Madison. IÕd wanted to work in a bindery long ago, and have always been interested in how books are designed, so I decided if it were going to happen, itÕd happen here, with Nathian aesthetics. Which it did, sewn binding and all. Of course, that meant finding a name for the new venture, and designing a logo. And thatÕs how Darkling was born.

The first printing of MarnieÕs chapbook, Each OtherÕs Anodyne, was completed on April 24, 2013--just in time for MarnieÕs poetry reading in Manitowoc the next day.

ItÕs a simple chapbook, but itÕs set in an elegant font and printed on one of my favorite papers, Speckletone, an offering from French Paper in Michigan. The side margins and space at the foot of the page are wide enough for the reader to hold the book without obscuring any of the text. The single signature is sewn with 18/3 thread. Below are some photos I made of the first copies of Each OtherÕs Anodyne.

IÕm not sure what DarklingÕs next project will be, but now that IÕve finally made a chapbook, IÕm looking forward to designing and making others.

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