GearÕs a matter of preference, of course; what works for one musician may not be worth much to another.

Like many musicians, IÕm pretty particular about my gear. For my guitars, IÕm after a warm, natural sound, with just the right amount of crispness and air, and I want my vocals to be clear and intelligible. Not every musician would be happy with the equipment IÕve chosen to work with: after all, even something as mundane as cables and connectors can ignite a very spirited debate among musicians!

Still, if youÕre wondering what gear I use when IÕm playing live or recording, the following list will give you an idea.



Gibson WM-180 flattop, Eastman AR604ce archtop, Eastman ER2 archtop electric


GHS Phosphor Bronze ŅTrue MediumÓ (WM-180); D'Addario Half Rounds and Rotosound Top Tape flatwound (Eastman ER2)


Sonic Research ST-200; also a Korg DT-3 and an Intellitouch PT1

acoustic pickup

K&K Trinity (Gibson WM-180): a Pure Western Mini soundboard transducer array, an internal mic, and a K&K Trinity preamp; Seymour-Duncan SA-1 Acoustic Tube

vocal mic

Sennheiser e935 dynamic, Audix VX10 condenser, or Audix OM6 dynamic

instrument mic

Audix D2 or OM6 (on the very rare occasions I donÕt use pickups)


Schertler Unico, a 4-channel, 150W amp, with matching Schertler Side as a second powered speaker when needed, or Schertler David, a 2-channel 80W amp

direct box

Raven Labs MDB-1 (also, for EQ, a Raven Labs True Blue)

effects pedals

Coldcraft Effects Harmonic Tremolo, Mad Professor Sweet Honey Deluxe overdrive, VFE Blueprint delay, and a Red Panda Context reverb

headphone amp

Saturnworks Pedals Headphone Amp (pedal)


Dunlop Zookies thumbpicks, Propik fingerpicks, and Clayton Ultem Tortoise flatpicks


Shubb deluxe, with a Keyser backup

guitar cables

custom Redco Audio (acoustic), Spectraflex (electric), EWI (effects)

mic cables

ProCo MasterMike, EWI Starline, and EWI Pro-Quad

speaker cables

ProCo Excellines (12 awg)

mic stands

Konig & Meyer

speaker stands

Ultimate TS-80

guitar stand

Konig & Meyer ŅHeliÓ

field recorder

Tascam DR-40

CD recorder

Tascam CD-RW 402

analog mixer

Yamaha MG10/2

studio mics

Audio-Technica AT-4040, Audix VX10, Audio-Technica BP40, and a pair of CAD e70s

mic pre

dbx 760x


Audio-Technica ATH-M50s for studio work, ATH-M30s for tracking and field work


KRK V4 series II

audio interface

Audient iD14

recording software

Apple Logic X; Cockos Reaper; iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced, Neutron 2, Alloy 2, Nectar 2, Trash 2, and Iris 2


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