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Nightjar Records is the recording label my music appears on; as with all Nath Dresser endeavors, itÕs pretty much a cottage industry. So far the recordings released on Nightjar have involved me and/or Marnie and have been recorded in my modest home studio, which shifts from room to room as needed. The equipment has changed over the years, and the sound quality has improved, but the basic aim remains the same: to produce and market simple recordings that present musical or literary material in a manner thatÕs faithful to the performance and the work itself.

The first CD, Just Where We Are, was recorded on a 4-track Tascam cassette PortaStudio. The first release of Some Kind of Sign was, too, though I mixed it in digitally. And in 2010 I used a Fostex FR2-LE to digitally recorded new versions of the songs in Some Kind of Sign, and remixed the entire CD on the Mac Pro with Reaper.

All this experience will be put to use when I record, mix, and master the upcoming album, which I hope to get started on by the summer of 2013.

To Purchase CDs. . . .

I hope to have a storefront up soon for online payments, but for now you can purchase CDs directly from Nightjar Records via mail. The following prices include first class shipping to addresses in the US:

1 CD, $14; 2 CDs, $27

For more information, you can e-mail Nath at

nightjar AT nightjarrecords DOT com

Note: please replace AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols, leaving no spaces in the e-address.

Just send me a note saying what youÕd like to buy, along with a check or money order payable to Nath Dresser to

Nath Dresser
Nightjar Records
PO Box 699
Spring Green, WI 53588

Nath & Marnie Dresser
Some Kind of Sign
2010, NR CD002b

Some Kind of Sign employs five different narrative voices to tell the story of a Wisconsin farm family. Nath performs four songs, each in the voice of a different man in the family, while Marnie reads a three-part poem written in the voice of one of the women.

We recorded the original CD in 2003; in 2010, I re-recorded the songs and remixed the CD.


Some Kind of Sign : track list

The Fiddler [Uncle Runar] (6:06)
The View from the Tightrope, I [Lisa] (7:39)
Prairie Gold [Harold] (4:18)
The View from the Tightrope, II [Lisa] (7:42)
Some Kind of Sign [Jim] (4:14)
The View from the Tightrope, III [Lisa] (6:04)
IÕll Take My Stand [Karl] (5:07)

Nath Dresser
Just Where We Are
2002, NR CD001

NathÕs debut CD, this solo studio recording consists of twelve songs and two poems.

[ out of print ]


Just Where We Are : track list

Lovers Incognito (4:13)
You Can Get There from Here (4:37)
IÕve Got an Old Car (3:35)
Somebody ElseÕs Alibi (3:32)
When YouÕre Alone (3:52)
Waiting in Cypress (4:56)
NighthawkÕs Lament (3:32)
When Fog Rolls In (0:42)
DonÕt You Worry Õbout Falling (3:23)
At the Edge of Brigadoon (4:16)
TroubadourÕs Song (3:18)
Christmas 1971 (5:06)
Winter Solstice (0:17)
Just Where We Are (3:45)

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